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Location Name: Bridge to Hope

Location Address: 13295 SW 268th St, Naranja, FL 33032, USA

Contact For This Location Name: Vanessa Tinsley

Contact For This Location Phone Number: 305-742-4122

Are Supplies Needed: true

Tell Us About The Supply Needs: Pet food Cleaning supplies Diapers Feminine hygiene products Tents Sleeping bags Propane Generators Extension cords Hammers Nails Power drills Shop vacs Spare internet-connected devices like laptops and tablets (many residents do not have a computer at home and need one in order to apply for post-Irma assistance)

Are Volunteers Needed: true

Tell Us About The Volunteer Needs: Needed between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to assist with community outreach and food and supply distribution.

Anything Else You Would Like To Tell Us: Contact Vanessa Tinsley at 305 742 4122 with questions or check their Facebook page.


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