Wildwood Community Center (Special Needs-Only)

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Id: 214

Accepting: false

Address: 6500 Powell Road Wildwood, FL 34785

Address Name:

City: Wildwood


County: Sumter County

Zip: 34785

Google Place: ChIJz7kNxd7C54gRbI8d_T_Gc_E

Notes: Removed Shelter florida-shelters.json:f49f14eb 9/13 Special Needs Shelter. Evacuees must be a part of the Sumter County Special Needs Program to evacuate to this shelter.

Allow Pets: false

Pets: Unknown

Phone: 352-330-1330

Shelter: Wildwood Community Center (Special Needs-Only)

Source: http://sumtercountyfl.gov/1109/Shelters, www.wildwood-fl.gov http://sumtercountyfl.gov/AlertCenter.aspx?AID=MAJOR-HURRICANE-IRMA-FORECAST-TO-IMPACT--9

Supply Needs: Unknown

Updated By:

Volunteer Needs: Unknown

Distribution Center:

Food Pantry:

Updated At: 2017-09-13 21:45:14 UTC

Latitude: 28.852726

Longitude: -82.023503

Special Needs: true

Unofficial: false