Atlantic Coast High School

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Id: 417

Accepting: true

Address: 9735 R.G. Skinner Pkwy

Address Name:

City: Jacksonville


County: Duval County

Zip: 32256

Google Place: ChIJ_ZM5n9c05IgRQmwjG6otSwE

Notes: Accepting persons with special needs ONLY. Special Needs Shelter: Those critically dependent upon electricity for life support equipment, require constant medical observation (such as dementia/Alzheimer’s patients), need assistance with medications, those whose medications are required to be refrigerated and those with cognitive disabilities. A caregiver should accompany special needs citizens.

Allow Pets: true

Pets: Yes.

Phone: (904) 630-2489

Shelter: Atlantic Coast High School


Supply Needs:

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Volunteer Needs:

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Food Pantry:

Updated At: 2017-09-13 01:14:28 UTC

Latitude: 30.204067

Longitude: -81.506089

Special Needs: true

Unofficial: false