Coral Shores High School

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Id: 437

Accepting: true

Address: 89901 Overseas Hwy, Tavernier, FL 33070, USA

Address Name:

City: Tavernier

State: Florida

County: Monroe County

Zip: 33070

Google Place: Eiw4OTkwMSBPdmVyc2VhcyBId3ksIFRhdmVybmllciwgRkwgMzMwNzAsIFVTQQ

Notes: Refuge of Last Resort Monroe County is opening four refuges of last resort due to the challenges of evacuating all Keys residents and the life-threatening winds and dangerous storm surge expected from Hurricane Irma. The following refuges of last resort will open at 7 a.m. on Saturday. No services will be available at those sites. And, they only will be open until tropical storm force winds subside. These refuges of last resort are only to provide a safe location to ride out the storm rather than to be stuck in a vehicle or structure that is unsafe. They will close again after the unsafe weather conditions have passed. They are not recovery shelters.

Allow Pets: true


Phone: 305-289-6018

Shelter: Coral Shores High School


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Updated At: 2017-09-11 03:11:01 UTC

Latitude: 25.0038912

Longitude: -80.5228767

Special Needs: false

Unofficial: false