Florida International University (Special-Needs Only)

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Id: 441

Accepting: false

Address: 11290 SW 13th Street, University Park, RC 101

Address Name:

City: Miami

State: Florida

County: Monroe County

Zip: 33199


Notes: Removed via fema-open-shelters.json:fd1e067f MONROE COUNTY special needs-only shelter When threatened by a Category 3 (and above) Tropical Cyclone, Florida State Law requires the evacuation of all Monroe County residents to the mainland. Florida International University is the designated out-of-county shelter for Monroe County Special Needs Clients (SNC) only. Monroe County Special Needs population evacuates out of the county for ALL category storms and would be directed to the FIU campus. When it is anticipated that Tropical Storm Force (TSF) winds are forecasted to affect the Florida Keys within 72 hours, the Monroe County Shelter Manager will initiate coordinating calls between the agencies. These calls will continue until the order for the evacuation is implemented – typically at the 36-42 hour period prior to the arrival of TSF Winds. Notification will be made to the designated agency officials no less than 4 hours prior to the anticipated issuance of an out-of-county evacuation order. Note that even though Miami-Dade County may NOT be under alert in these conditions, the Wellness & Recreation Center must respond to conditions in Monroe.

Allow Pets: false


Phone: 800-955-5504

Shelter: Florida International University (Special-Needs Only)

Source: http://monroecountyem.com/index.aspx?NID=122

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Updated At: 2017-09-14 18:21:57 UTC

Latitude: 25.7568331

Longitude: -80.3648186

Special Needs: true

Unofficial: false