Suwannee Intermediate School (Special Needs)

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Id: 591

Accepting: true

Address: 1419 Walker Ave SW, Live Oak, FL 32064, USA

Address Name:

City: Live Oak


County: Suwannee County

Zip: 32064

Google Place: ChIJJU_Dbyjc7ogR7mhTTWYCnd0

Notes: Anyone with special needs requiring transportation to a shelter should contact the Emergency Operations Center at 386-364-3405 The shelters are not pet friendly. LCSO is urging residents seeking shelter to bring blankets, pillows, bedding, and snacks.

Allow Pets: false


Phone: 386-364-3405

Shelter: Suwannee Intermediate School (Special Needs)


Supply Needs:

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Food Pantry:

Updated At: 2017-09-10 05:48:01 UTC

Latitude: 30.2838126

Longitude: -82.9950746

Special Needs: true