Shell Elementary School

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Id: 634

Accepting: true

Address: 21633 65th Ave, Hawthorne, FL 32640, USA

Address Name:

City: Hawthorne


County: Alachua County

Zip: 32640

Google Place: ChIJJ5u3CvwY5ogRCYpRCRUQcJA

Notes: general population shelters are a last resort, and should only be used by those living in homes that are potentially unsafe in high winds (e.g. mobile homes), people who live in flood-prone areas, and people who have nowhere else to go. Bring any needed bedding. When packing to go to a shelter, please bring special dietary foods, baby food, diapers (and other child necessities), prescription medications, a small cooler of ice if refrigeration is needed as the shelter cannot be responsible for your medications. Also bring spare clothing, personal care items (hygiene, toiletries, etc.), spare eyeglasses/contacts, and identification.

Allow Pets: false


Phone: 352-264-6557

Shelter: Shell Elementary School


Supply Needs:

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Food Pantry:

Updated At: 2017-09-12 00:33:38 UTC

Latitude: 29.5937994

Longitude: -82.0910571

Special Needs: false

Unofficial: false