Belleview Middle School Special Needs

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Id: 692

Accepting: true

Address: 10500 SE 36th Ave, Belleview, FL 34420, USA

Address Name:

City: Belleview

State: Florida

County: Marion County

Zip: 34420

Google Place: ChIJKQStgHPR54gROTtaA-sQFD8

Notes: Special needs individuals can contact the Citizens Information Line at 352-369-7500 to arrange transportation to a shelter.

Allow Pets: false


Phone: 352-369-7500

Shelter: Belleview Middle School Special Needs


Supply Needs:

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Food Pantry:

Updated At: 2017-09-11 03:01:36 UTC

Latitude: 29.068899

Longitude: -82.0888812

Special Needs: true

Unofficial: false