Hampton Elementary School

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Id: 747

Accepting: false

Address: 10501 Hampton Ave, Hampton, FL 32044, USA

Address Name:

City: Hampton


County: Bradford County

Zip: 32044

Google Place: ChIJ5U5liT4B5ogRdBf76hXTqJ8

Notes: Cross-streets: SR 221 and CR 18 PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT NOT ALL SHELTERS WILL BE OPEN FOR ALL EVENTS. THE DECISION TO OPEN A SHELTER WILL BE BASED ON COMMUNITY NEEDS AND MAGNITUDE OF DISASTER OR TYPE OF EVENT. WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF ANY SHELTER VIA THIS WEBSITE, WEAG RADIO, AND CABLE TV. Website: http://www.bradfordcountyfl.gov/index.asp?SEC=75306A41-A769-406C-9F68-E05537B6FA9A&DE=7866BCCB-E3E9-463C-897B-CD8DEDA47237&Type=B_BASIC Fax: 904-468-1659 Hampton Elementary School 10501 Hampton Avenue Hampton, Florida 32044 Phone: 352-468-1212 Fax: 352-468-1659

Allow Pets: false


Phone: 904-468-1212

Shelter: Hampton Elementary School

Source: http://www.bradfordcountyfl.gov/index.asp?SEC=75306A41-A769-406C-9F68-E05537B6FA9A&DE=7866BCCB-E3E9-463C-897B-CD8DEDA47237&Type=B_BASIC

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Updated At: 2017-09-10 20:05:30 UTC

Latitude: 29.8689256

Longitude: -82.1279956

Special Needs: false

Unofficial: false