New Hope Fire Station

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Id: 993

Accepting: true

Address: 1243 Co Rd 179A, Westville, FL 32464, USA

Address Name:

City: Westville


County: Holmes County

Zip: 32464

Google Place: EikxMjQzIENvIFJkIDE3OUEsIFdlc3R2aWxsZSwgRkwgMzI0NjQsIFVTQQ

Notes: We encourage all residents who live in a mobile home, unsafe structure, or low lying flood prone area to go to one of our risk shelters.

Allow Pets: true

Pets: Dogs or cats in crates only

Phone: (850)547-1112

Shelter: New Hope Fire Station


Supply Needs:

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Food Pantry:

Updated At: 2017-09-11 02:11:17 UTC

Latitude: 30.9552915

Longitude: -85.8755706

Special Needs: false

Unofficial: false